CyberChallenge.IT is the first Italian introductory training program in cybersecurity for talented high-school and undergraduate students.


You'll dissect real malware and learn how to discover and patch software vulnerabilities.


There will be a final capture-the-flag contest: you'll prove your skills!


Make your talent a great professional opportunity along with the largest security companies worldwide.

Are you ready?


Are you 18-23 years old?


Are you fluent in C, ASM x86, Python, Java?


Are you a good listener?


Are you an inquisitive, creative, and dynamic person?




The Challenge is organized by cybersecurity experts from universities and from the largest security companies.


  • Is there a participation fee? +

    No, participation is free of charge.
  • Is it open to everyone? +

    Yes, provided that their age is 18-23 (18 in 2017, 23 on the day of the competition, i.e., May 27, 2017) and the admission test is passed.
  • When is it held? +

    From March 4 through May 29, each Saturday morning 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (training for the final competition) and a few Friday afternoons 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (seminars on selected topics in computer security).
  • Where is it held? +

    At the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome, 25 Via Ariosto, Rome, Italy.
  • I don't live in Rome, is online participation allowed? +

    The training for the final competition is based on weekly meetings with a close tutor-participant interaction. Online participation to courses and to the competition is not supported. In the future, the challenge will be held in other Italian cities as well. Please stay tuned.
  • Which language is used? +

    Training courses and the final competition are in Italian. Some of the seminars are in English. The teaching material is part in Italian, part in English.
  • Is class attendance mandatory? +

    Not all of them, but if you skip lessons you'll likely miss training sessions relevant for the final competition. In any case, after three consecutive skipped lessons, the participant will be considered a renouncer and will no longer be admitted to participate in the final contest.
  • Do I need to know about computer security to partecipate? +

    No, the only prerequisites are excellent programming skills and a good English knowledge.
  • Why should I participate? +

    • You'll engage in concrete activities in a friendly and informal environment.
    • Participating can be a first step towards tougher competitions such as the Europan Cyber Security Challenge and an exciting career in cybersecurity.
    • You'll meet with international experts in the field.
    • You'll be part of a team of highly skilled and motivated students.
    • The legendary CyberChallenge T-Shirt will be yours.
    • Plus, it's free.
  • What should I do to prepare for the admission test? +

    To succeed in the admission test and make CyberChallenge.IT a fruitful experience, you should be fluent in the C programming language and able to solve logical reasoning quizzes. Assembly IA32, Python, and Java are a big plus (if you aren’t familiar with them, you’ll have to learn them anyway during the training sessions of the challenge…). Some of them may come in handy for problem solving exercises: for instance, some problems may be easier to solve in Python than in C, but the choice is entirely up to you. Also, listen to English videos, YouTube is a great source (movies and TV shows are especially helpful). For further info, please refer to the challenge admission website.
  • Will I receive a participation certificate? +

    Yes, you'll get a fancy certificate.
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